Urban Garden Planning

How to Create a Knot Garden

A knot garden is a formal gardening technique that uses tightly clipped hedges to create designs. The designs are range from simple shapes to intricate patterns. The common thread between knot gardens is the interlaced designs.

Why Organic Gardening?

The word "organic" is everywhere. It's labeled on food, cotton t-shirts, eggs... But why garden organic? Organic gardening is important for the food you eat and the environment you live in.

Backyard Transformation: From Garbage to Garden

More often than not, urban gardening means inheriting someone else's space. Dealing with a space that has been used for something other than gardening can be a challenge. Overcoming these challenges and turning a mess into garden is what makes you an urban gardener!

Easy Formal Gardening with a Four Square Garden

Gardening styles are as different as the gardeners that use them. Formal gardening can be extensive with neat and tidy clipped hedges or simple with just a formal layout. That is the beauty of gardening. Take what speaks to you and go with it!

Sharing Your Garden with Pets

We love our pets and we love our gardens, but what happens when to two collide? Can they peacefully exist together? I believe so. It just takes some extra planning and the knowledge that sometimes, s*** happens.

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