Maintaining an Urban Garden

7 Bugs You WANT in Your Garden and Why

Beneficial insects are a group of insects that organic gardeners adore.  These bugs feast on the likes of pests that seek to dine on our gardens!

Tobacco Hornworms & Tomato Hornworms

I was in the garden a couple days ago and my dog, Jasmine, was a little too interested in my tomato plants.  I headed over to that area of the garden and Jasmine had found massive green caterpillars...  The plants had become home to tobacco hornworms!

Dealing with Aphids in the Garden

Aphids are a very common garden pest. They are easy to identify as they congregate in clusters on plants. Dealing with them is easier than you think.

Efficient Composting with a Compost Tumbler

A couple years ago I added a compost tumbler to my composting system and have been ecstatic about the results. I admit that I am a lazy composter and in my eyes, watering and turning the compost pile is a huge chore and just does not happen like it should. But by adding the compost tumbler, finished compost happens faster and with a lot less work!

Tree Topping: How to Do the Most Harm to Your Trees in One Easy Step

Seems like everywhere I look, another tree has been topped. People have gone beyond simple pruning and cut off every branch from their tree. But why? Is tree topping really an easy answer to tree maintenance? Is it good for making a large tree smaller? In short, no. And not just no - it's a big, loud, resounding no!

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