Hilery in the garden with her Jack Russell Terrier, Jasmine Hilery in the garden with her Jack Russell Terrier, Jasmine

Who is the Urban Gardener?

My name is Hilery Hixon. I live in Southern Nevada and I love plants. I love plants in the same way that some people love shoes or gadgets. Seeing a plant compels me to touch it. It is a rare occasion that I can walk out of a garden center empty handed. There is always at least one impulse purchase of a plant that is "begging" to go home with me.

Gardening is not my day job. By day I work at the computer writing and building websites. My garden is my connection with nature. After spending hours at the keyboard in front of a monitor, grabbing a trowel and getting my hands dirty grounds relaxes me like nothing else.

I got started garden writing when I started greenhouse gardening. The research that I did about using a greenhouse space in the desert came up short, there were very few resources to be found so for me, a lot had to be discovered through trial and error. I started Desert Greenhouse Guide as a way to share the information that came through difficulty as a hope that I could help at least one other desert gardener.

Since then, I wrote two books titled Growing Under Glass: Your Guide to Greenhouse Gardening Success and 101 Almost Free Gardening Projects.

When my husband and I moved back to the city, my backyard transformation was in full force. I was determined to turn the yard into a productive food space. Vegetables, fruit, herbs - it didn't matter. If we liked to eat it, I wanted to grow it!  I named my little slice of agriculture "The Back 10th".

One of the many things I love about gardening is that I am always learning. Gardeners are some of the most amazing people and are happy to share ideas and tips. And the Internet has broadened that sense of community because no longer do you only have access to your neighbors, you can connect with gardeners all over the world!

The Urban Gardener's Insight came about a way to share and exchange information about what happened outside the greenhouse - out in the garden.

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