Citrus Trees for the Everyday Gardener

When many of us think of citrus, we think of massive orange groves, warm weather and abundant sunshine.  While it is a beautiful mental picture, get those ideas out of your head because growing citrus trees is accessible to the everyday gardener!

7 Bugs You WANT in Your Garden and Why

Beneficial insects are a group of insects that organic gardeners adore.  These bugs feast on the likes of pests that seek to dine on our gardens!

How to Create a Knot Garden

A knot garden is a formal gardening technique that uses tightly clipped hedges to create designs. The designs are range from simple shapes to intricate patterns. The common thread between knot gardens is the interlaced designs.

Tobacco Hornworms & Tomato Hornworms

I was in the garden a couple days ago and my dog, Jasmine, was a little too interested in my tomato plants.  I headed over to that area of the garden and Jasmine had found massive green caterpillars...  The plants had become home to tobacco hornworms!

Scotts Miracle-Gro Fined for Federal Pesticide Law Violations

A federal district court in Columbus, Ohio fined Scotts Miracle-Gro Company four million dollars plus community service for criminal violations.  Scotts Miracle-Gro pled guilty back in February over falsified pesticide registration documents, distributing pesticides with misleading and unapproved labels, distributing unregistered pesticide and applying insecticide to wild bird food that is known to be toxic to birds.

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